Afghanistan Memory Wall 2014 Update

This time last year (Jan 22nd, 2013), I was 5 weeks away from writing out my first Afghanistan Memory Wall.


    • I had never fully written out the wall.
    • I didn’t even have the wall fully memorized
    • I didn’t have a WALL
    • I had NO IDEA how to get a wall made

I had 2 things:

1. A belief it could be done and I had been training to do it for 9 months
2. The City of Ft Worth had placed their faith in me that I could do it and agreed to give me space Feb 28, 2013

Other than that I had nothing. I had gone to the city offices in Ft Worth and handed them a book and said, ‘Pick a number between 1 and 1000’. They said a number and I said the name of the fallen hero in my book under that number. That coupled with some of my tv appearances was all they needed to believe I could do it.

Fast forward one year. On this date January 22nd, 2014 I have 5 wall events already scheduled!

      • NASCAR race Kansas Speedway May 9-10
      • NASCAR race New Hampshire Speedway July 11-13
      • NASCAR race Atlanta Motor Speedway Aug 30-31
      • NFL Football game Oakland Raiders Nov 2014
      • Armed Forces Bowl Dec 2014

There is no doubt in my mind that we will surpass the total number for 2013 (7). I hope to do this 10-15 times in 2014 and continue to honor the troops in a powerful way.

We are still seeking a national sponsor to help with the costs of these wall events. To drive the wall to New Hampshire and back will be $2,000 in gas alone. If you have contacts with a major corporation, tell them that they would get massive exposure. That company then could also make a video like this that would surely go viral and also promote their company in a positive way.I promise to keep honoring the fallen as long as my brain is healthy.


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  • The project you are doing is nothing less than amazing. Seeing it at fort hood this week was very emotional and also moving. Can you post a stop listing by city so that everyone can. Come out and pay their respects please.from one vet to another, thank you for your service and dedication to the cause and it is something that everyone should see.keep up the. Awesome job.

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