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Watching the Enemy Die

It was summertime in Afghanistan, although where I was, in the high elevation of Kabul still very comfortable. Comfortable that is if you are comfortable with people blowing themselves up outside the gate to your house, carrying a weapon everywhere you go and that means to bed or dinner and not seeing those you love […]

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The Name I Knew on the Wall

One of the 1st questions I am asked is, ‘Did you know anyone on the wall?’ Yes and no. I knew the stories of many before I began memorizing the wall. I had heard the story of CIA Agent Johnny Spann who was the first KIA in country in 2001. I had read the story […]

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Why I did it

It took me 10 months of memorizing, tens of thousands of dollars….why did I do it? Was I trying to prove something? Maybe. Maybe just to myself. Or maybe just to make my time in the military significant for something. Let me explain… I don’t know if this is something I should admit or not… […]

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