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Fort Hood March 18, 20014

March 18, 20014 would find me at Fort Hood with my dad doing the Afghanistan Memory Wall. It was the first memory wall in over 4 months and certainly the first of 2014. When I look back on 2013 there is much pride and satisfaction with the wall. I wrote it out 8 times: Fort […]

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Afghanistan Memory Wall 2014 Update

This time last year (Jan 22nd, 2013), I was 5 weeks away from writing out my first Afghanistan Memory Wall. Yet… I had never fully written out the wall. I didn’t even have the wall fully memorized I didn’t have a WALL I had NO IDEA how to get a wall made I had 2 […]

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Veterans Day

It was Veterans Day one year ago that I announced the Afghanistan Memory Wall project. I had been memorizing since May 1st but I hadn’t gone public with it yet because frankly, I didn’t know if I could do it. 7,000 words memorized in sequence with no pattern (it wasn’t in alphabetical order). So for […]

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I Think it Was Katzenberger, But Actually it is All of Them

As you can imagine, when I am standing at the wall and I am writing the names for 10-12 hours so many things are going on and happening during the day. It is a challenge just to keep focused on the task at hand and that is simply to write the 2,200 names from memory […]

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Every Wall Writing is Tough, But This One Was Brutal

It is hard to say which Afghanistan Memory Wall tribute was the toughest: The first one (Feb 28, 2013) had so much emotion and dynamics in it: I didn’t know where/how I was going to get wall built as late as Feb 10 and the date set for 1st wall was Feb 28. Intense! I’d […]

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10 hours of writing wall in 55 seconds

Very few people have seen me write the wall from beginning to end. My cousin Donovan and his wife Julie have. My assistant Kim, my childhood friend Matthew Mitchell, my dad and a friend Valoree Murray. I think that is pretty much it. Oh, I guess I have as well. It is a very long […]

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Lesson The Wall Taught Me

The lessons I have learned from my time with the Afghanistan Memory Wall could fill a book or two. But one that I definitely think is worth mentioning is that of being conscious of what your fellow man is going through. Two days ago I stood at Chase Field, the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks […]

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Watching the Enemy Die

It was summertime in Afghanistan, although where I was, in the high elevation of Kabul still very comfortable. Comfortable that is if you are comfortable with people blowing themselves up outside the gate to your house, carrying a weapon everywhere you go and that means to bed or dinner and not seeing those you love […]

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The Greatest Generation

I have goosebumps as I am writing this… As I start to type I remember the man I met a few days ago known as ‘Maggie’. He is James Megellas and a World War II veteran. But not just a World War II veteran a hero and was nominated for the Medal of Honor for […]

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His wife and kids waved at the bus as it drove away

The people I have met along the way because of this wall was completely unexpected by me. I honestly had no idea what to expect. I told many that if it was just me in a field all alone I would do it and was overwhelmed by the response. Last week I was invited to […]

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