The Wall in the Media


The following are the national, international and local news stories featuring America’s Memory

Fox and Friends

Military Times:


NBC DFW & same was used on Huffington Post and Business Insider – Military & Defense

CBS This Morning National Morning Show






Fox DFW :


ABC News


Navy Times


San Antonio Express



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    I spoke to each veteran individually as they knew each other but were circulating through the crowd. All three shared not only the common ground of military service but the affects of front line duty as they suffered and struggled with PTSD among other ailments. They told me they were on prescription medications which they did not like because of the way the medicine made them feel.They told me they went to “therapy” once a week which was not of much use and help due to the lack of leadership. I asked each veteran if they would feel better talking with their ‘buddies” from “over there” the ones who walked in their shoes and with whom they shared the same experiences. Each told me “yes” with their words, but more significantly, with the smiles on their faces. Those three guys are the ones we need to reach, as well as, the guys my age (62) who wonder whatever happened to ____________?

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